Two New Indian Motorcycles Celebrate the Scout’s 100th Anniversary

Because one of the most iconic bikes ever deserves more than one tribute

Indian Motorcycle 100th Anniversary Scout
The 100th Anniversary Scout is just one model Indian Motorcycle is releasing for the centennial.
Indian Motorcycle
By Alex Lauer / September 17, 2019 6:00 am

Most people know Indian Motorcycle’s Scout model even if they’ve never been on a bike before. It’s the one Burt Munro (and then Anthony Hopkins, fictitiously) rode to a land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. And it’s currently celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Earlier this year, Indian built the one-off, Scout-inspired Appaloosa to mark the occasion, and to race. That one, sadly and obviously, will not be produced for the masses. Thankfully, Indian recently announced two bikes it will be producing (and selling) for the centennial: the Scout 100th Anniversary and the Scout Bobber Twenty

“100 years is an incredibly special milestone, and it made perfect sense to honor Scout’s history and legacy with these two heritage-inspired 2020 models,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President for Indian Motorcycle, in a press release. Even more special is the fact that we still have the Scout around at all today. The original Scout was only made between 1920 and 1946, and the original company went kaput in the ‘50s. After being passed around between various entities, the brand ended up under Polaris, and the Minnesota company has done right by the legend with these two releases. 

You’ll instantly recognize the official 100th Anniversary model, done up in Indian Motorcycle Red and Anniversary Gold trim. Less obvious style cues taken from the original include a floating leather solo saddle and wire wheels. As for power, you’ll find the same 100-horsepower V-twin engine on the less expensive stock Scout, but as Indian notes, it’s enough “power to pass anyone, anywhere.” Plus, only 750 of these special-edition models will be made.

If you can appreciate the history of the Scout, but need something you won’t feel bad about beating up, the Bobber Twenty model takes the heritage less literally. You get the same floating saddle and 69-cubic-inch engine, but the fenders are shortened, the ape-hanger handlebars are higher and the ABS brakes can be eschewed in favor of a lower price. 

Of course, this is how the two models come straight from the factory. If you want to really honor the history of the Scout, and its most famous rider, you’ll have to add some customization of your own. Not that we can officially endorse that kind of thing. 

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