Vehicles | October 8, 2020 12:40 pm

The New GMC Hummer EV and “Fortnite” Share a Crucial Component

Unreal Engine from Epic Games will power the electric Hummer's digital cockpit

unreal engine hummer ev infotainment screen
Unreal Engine offered a preview of their new Human-Machine Interface for cars.
Screenshot via Unreal Engine on YouTube

We already know the GMC Hummer EV — the electric version of the Hummer set to debut on October 20 during the World Series — will be a game changer. It’s going to be American made, it’s going crab walk and it’s going to completely upend the notion that electric vehicles are pipsqueaks. But this week, we got even more confirmation the EV is one to watch.

Epic Games — the company behind Fortnite, one of the most popular online video games in the world — announced that its Unreal Engine platform will power the automotive infotainment and digital cockpit of the Hummer EV. In essence, the game engine that powers Fortnite will now power a huge chunk of the driver experience in the new Hummer.

We’ll save you the tech jargon details (you can read them here if you’d like), but what’s happening here is that Epic Games is branching out of the gaming world and using Unreal Engine to create a new Human-Machine Interface (HMI) initiative that could be used by many automotive companies going forward, but GMC is debuting the new technology with the Hummer EV.

“As we move towards level five vehicle autonomy, in-car infotainment systems will become more and more relevant to influencing consumer purchase decisions, and Unreal Engine will bring new levels of flexibility, interactivity and visual fidelity to these next generation systems,” said François Antoine, Director of HMI and Embedded Systems at Epic Games, in a press release.

What will it look like in the vehicle itself? Watch a video preview below (one that reminds us of Tesla):