By Chase Hill / December 11, 2018

At-Home Test Can Tell If You If You’re At Risk For Cancer

It’s like 23andMe but for your health.

dna cancer
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Former Twitter exec Othman Laraki took a DNA test that changed his life: the CEO discovered he was at risk for developing certain type of cancers. As a result, Laraki created Color, an at-home genetics testing service that helps people determine if they are at risk for common cancer and heart conditions.

Unlike 23andMe and AncestryDNA, Color tests for hereditary health issues you might have running in your family like cancer, cholesterol and heart disease.

“We seek to make it possible for everyone to understand their hereditary risk for serious conditions, such as cancer and heart disease, and enable individuals and their physicians to take a proactive approach to treatment,” Laraki told CNNMoney.

Growing up in Morocco, Laraki didn’t excel in school until his late teens. He worked for Google from 2004-2008 before he made his way to Twitter in 2009. Laraki is currently the co-founder and CEO for Color Genomics.

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