Welcome to the Age of the Nude Holiday

Will the States finally embrace the skincation?

Nude Vacations
By Tanner Garrity / January 16, 2020 12:20 pm

Nude beaches are still a bit of an oddity in the United States. America’s oldest, in San Gregorio, California, has only been around for 53 years. There are only a handful of reliable spots (Gunnison Beach in New Jersey; Black’s Beach in San Diego; Kehene Beach in Hawaii) plus very few non-coastal destinations (Collins Beach in Oregon; Hippie Hollow in Austin) for letting your privates catch some sun.

But that could be changing in 2020, and in the years going forward, as more Americans choose to have “nake holidays.” According to an article by Forbes, the “nakation” or “skincation” (god, actually, we’re immediately retiring those portmanteaus), is an inevitable travel trend, as Americans continue to A) combine travel adventures with wellness and body positivity, and B) co-opt practices from cultures around the globe — which are all the more accessible thanks to social media, ground zero for travel expression.

In the States, public nudity still hasn’t quite shirked off the puritanical sensibilities of the pilgrims. The most common everyday spot to see, uh, someone’s stuff, is in a gym locker room, where 60-somethings will hang out nude like it’s the teacher’s lounge. But in other regions, like the beaches of the Spanish islands, the saunas of Scandinavia, or the onsens (hot spring spas) of Japan, nudity is expected and respected.

These practices will surely be adopted in America over the coming years, or Americans will simply see fit to experience them for themselves. In more offbeat settings, too. London now has a nude restaurant, naked yoga trips are now a thing, and certain tour operators even have “Nude Packages” (yeah, we know) that take couples on week-long, clothing-optional tours of the Mediterranean. Keep your eyes peeled, and your belts unbuckled (sorry) for the opening of similar nudist operators, protected public areas, and even resorts on this side of the pond.

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