A Guy Just Drove an Electric Car From the Netherlands to Australia

"I basically crossed the whole globe in an electric car."

Waaker ended his journey in Bluff, New Zealand's southernmost tip
Waaker ended his journey in Bluff, New Zealand's southernmost tip
By Kayla Kibbe / July 26, 2019 1:38 pm

An epic EV road trip from the Netherlands to Australia has finally reached an end in New Zealand.

Dutchman Wiebe Wakker first set out on his electric car journey back in 2016, with an initial plan to travel from the Netherlands to Sydney, Australia. The road-tripper planned out his ambitious route with the help of people who offered to provide charge stops along the way via the Plug Me In project website.

Wakker made it to Sydney back in April after three years on the road and 33 countries visited, but he decided to add one more to the list. In May, the road tripper and his Blue Bandit EV hit the road for one final stop in New Zealand. Wakker finally made it to his ultimate destination on July 19. By the journey’s end, Wakker had spent 1,222 days on the road, covering over 62,000 miles,  New Atlas reported. Along the way, Wakker received 1,797 offers of help.

“My journey has been made possible by hundreds of people who offered me a bed, shared a meal with me and let me charge my car,” he said. “And of course help in many other ways from strangers, friends and companies. Thanks all for getting me here.”

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BB, you did a good job mate!

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Wakker added that he’s experienced some ups and downs since concluding his epic EV road trip. “I’m having mixed feelings at the moment, sad that my adventure has come to an end but also happy to go back home, having a closet to put my clothes in, seeing friends and family again and to start a new challenge.”

No word yet on what that new challenge will entail, but you can relive the EV traveler’s epic journey via his YouTube video diary in the meantime.

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