Travel | August 26, 2020 12:55 pm

A Bus Route Will Take Travelers from India to the United Kingdom Next Summer

18 countries. 70 days. 12,500 miles.

A Bus Route Will Take Travelers from India to the United Kingdom Next Summer
Sylwia Bartyzel/Unsplash

Earlier this month, Indian travel operator Adventures Overland announced plans to host the longest bus journey in the world. Next summer, 20 travelers will have an opportunity to ride from New Dehli to London, in a 70-day, 12,500-mile odyssey that will cross through 18 different countries.

Adventures Overland

Adventures Overland has experience with driving guests to far-flung locales. It operates expeditions to Russia each winter and Jordan each spring; interested travelers can even drive for two weeks along the Silk Road in China. But a bus route from the Taj Mahal to Trafalgar Square is unprecedented. That distance normally takes under 10 hours to cover by airplane. On a commercial bus, it will take most of the summer, and will pass through some of the most remote countries on planet Earth, including the shrubland biome of Central Asia, which has changed remarkably little since the early days of the Holocene.

Notably, the trip avoids known conflict areas. Founder Tushar Agarwal explained to Mirror, “Every single route in each country has been vetted to ensure that the journey is seamless. We take charge of documentation and permits to ensure that the entire focus of participants is on experiencing the journey.”

Passengers are free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the bus amenities, which includes Business Class seats, Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, and mini-pantries. When the bus stops at various locations — check out the city-by-city detailing of the route here — they can hop off and explore, similar to when a cruise ship anchors at a port. Among the top highlights: the Great Wall of China, Moscow, and a side-trip to the Caspian Sea.

If Adventures Overland is able to pull this off (and we’re not betting against them, they have a Guinness World Record for long-distance driving), it could open up a promising new avenue for extended travel. Cruises ships, much maligned for their role in spreading COVID-19, face an uphill battle to setting sail with thousands of passengers again. But a bus with a couple dozen people? Assuming the trip operators can keep everybody safe and sane — which, to be fair, would be difficult over a 70-day journey in pre-pandemic times — this should be a win.

If you’re interested in reserving a spot on the route, request a brochure and pricing here.

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