Delta Improves Economy Service on Long-Haul Flights

International travel just got a little more friendly

If you fly economy class on Delta Air Lines' long-haul flights, you're in luck.
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By Tobias Carroll / November 17, 2019 11:09 am

There’s generally good news and bad news when it comes to flying economy on an international flight. The good news is that you’re traveling internationally; the bad news is that you’re flying economy — and the last few years have brought a slew of smaller seats and reduced perks for travelers. You might be able to fly somewhere more cheaply than ever before, but there’s no guarantee you’ll have a pleasant experience getting there.

Delta Air Lines has opted to break from that mold, announcing plans earlier this year to make the economy class flight experience better for everyone. 

While this does seem to go against prevailing trends in the industry, it does come as a great dose of news for, well, any of us who fly economy. And now, Delta’s planned modifications have become a reality — and Louis Cheslaw at Condé Nast Traveler has the details on what flyers can expect

“The updated service touches are the most celebrated part of the perks added in long-haul economy class,” Cheslaw writes. “Among them are a complimentary welcome Bellini, hot towel service, generous drinks service, and sweet treats delivered after the meal and on arrival.”

The changes also include more compact trays for food, meaning that readers will have more space on their tray table for a book or tablet. There’s also free wi-fi for texting, which is a nice touch.

In an industry where the prevailing trends are for reduced service, Delta’s move is a welcome break from the norm. They’re not the only airline doing something similar; perhaps we’re returning to an age where airlines compete with one another on quality of service in addition to price. As Cheslaw writes, “the cabin actually felt far less manic than on a typical long-haul flight.” That’s an experience worth traveling for.

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