Travel | January 16, 2020 10:17 am

This Cruise Ship Will Visit Every Continent Over Four Months

It's the most ambitious (expensive) voyage in industry history

Silversea Cruise Ship

Silversea’s “Legends of Cruising” voyage: where bucket lists go to die.

The tour operator’s 28,000 ton world-cruiser — called the Silver Whisper — just set sale from Fort Lauderdale on a 140-day trip that will visit all seven continents, including 62 destinations in 32 different countries. It’s the first cruise ship to ever visit every continent, and easily the most ambitious (expensive) voyage in the industry’s history. Tickets for the trip started at $62,000 a head, and balloon to $240,000 for the roomiest suites.

From Fort Lauderdale, Silver Whisper will head down South America’s eastern coastline, until it hits Antarctica. It’ll then loop back up South America’s western coast, cross the Pacific to visit India and Singapore, and make its way around Africa before reaching Amsterdam this May. Each stop includes all sorts of top-notch local excursions (wildlife watching, ballet performances, cocktail masterclasses, etc.), while the ship itself is world-class, a 388-passenger jewel that’s routinely made “best cruise ship” rankings since it was built in 2000, and was refurbished to the tune of millions in 2017.

Obviously, that sort of convenience and luxury — countries on demand + walk-in closets — is reserved for a paltry few. If you do have the cash, and the wherewithal to take four months off from work, you can book a ticket for one of Silversea’s 2o21 world cruises, which you can find here. If you’re looking for something a bit more realistic, check out the operator’s full list of offerings here.

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