TV | March 8, 2020 8:10 am

Watch Daniel Craig Channel His Inner “Flick Daddy” on “Saturday Night Live”

Remember: it's not a game if you don't deep quote

Daniel Craig on "SNL"
Sometimes, film trivia can take you to a very strange place.
NBC Universal

Everyone likes a good game night, right? Board games, trivia — the list of possibilities goes on and on. But during his appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, host Daniel Craig helped demonstrate where the line exists between an impressive knowledge of trivia and an utterly terrifying knowledge of trivia.

The premise of the sketch: at the end of a successful game night at the home of a married couple played by Craig and Kate McKinnon, one of the guests (Heidi Gardner) suggests a competition to see who could identify the movies based on a line or two. Things, as the saying go, escalate quickly — with the phrases “deep quote” and “flick daddy” both being invoked.

The sketch also features what can only be described as Captain Phillips-inspired flirting, which is every bit as strange and borderline-inappropriate as it sounds.

Also well worth a watch from the night’s epsisode: Craig and Aidy Bryant demonstrating the wrong way to make an overnight salad.

Is there a right way to make an overnight salad? It’s not entirely clear.

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