A High School Let Students Dress Up as Fictional Characters for IDs

How a school tradition led to something utterly sublime

High school graduation
A group of high school seniors in Michigan have one of the best school traditions ever.
Jim Larrison/Creative Commons
By Tobias Carroll / September 14, 2019 7:15 am

Getting an official photo taken in high school is not something most people look back on with fond, wistful nostalgia. Awkward poses, bad hair, acne … all play a part in making these approximately no one’s favorite photos. Perhaps they’re good for a laugh when you look back on, say, the mullet you had in your junior year, but they’re not really going to be one for the ages.

The fondly remembered television show Freaks and Geeks, set in a fictional Michigan high school, embraced this with an opening credits sequence that made brilliant use of a yearbook photo-shoot motif. Which brings us to a very real Michigan high school with a longstanding tradition that makes the experience of getting your official photo taken exponentially better.

As Digg reports, Michigan’s North Farmington High School allows seniors to pose for their school IDs dressed as characters from pop culture

The results are amazing.

Absolutely amazing.

If the guys who dressed a group of Spider-Man villains don’t get extra credit for pulling off this theme, there’s truly no justice in this world.

Digg’s article has a number of other amazing photos in there — something that may well leave you feeling far more optimistic about the next generation.

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