Sports | May 22, 2019 9:50 am

Tom Brady Has Bet With “Jeopardy” Champ James Holzhauer

It's got nothing to do with football

Tom Brady at The 2019 Met Gala. (Ray Tamarra/GC Images)
Tom Brady at The 2019 Met Gala. (Ray Tamarra/GC Images)
GC Images

For the second straight season, Tom Brady isn’t attending OTAs with the Patriots. So what is the 41-year-old quarterback doing instead of playing football? He’s playing around on Twitter.

In addition to tweeting about millennials and the Kentucky Derby, Brady has used his account to place a bet with James Holzhauer, the Las Vegas gambler who is in the midst of an epic winning streak on Jeopardy. 

On Monday, Brady — who claims he’s never eaten a strawberry and has “no desire” to do so — said he’d eat one of the forbidden fruits on Instagram if Holzhauer lost.

He didn’t, so Brady was off the hook.

Then Holzhauer got in on the conversation.

Predictably, the 34-year-old won once again on Tuesday, pushing his win streak to 24 games and bringing his total winnings to $1,867,142.

But the Brady chatter didn’t end there.

Brady has yet to make a second wager with regard to Holzhauer, but if the win streak continues to captivate America, it’s a good bet that he will.

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