Sports | May 2, 2020 8:30 am

Spotify Releases Playlists to Supplement “The Last Dance”

Go in-depth with both music and interviews

Michael Jordan #23
Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls walks on the court during the NBA Finals Game 3 against the Utah Jazz at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.
Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

Remember Michael Jordan’s heyday with the Chicago Bulls? If you do — and you’re eager to revisit the career of one of the greatest athletes of all time — you’re probably already watching The Last Dance. The popularity of the documentary series has prompted many to explore different aspects of Jordan’s career, along with his legacy in sports and popular culture.

But what about those who’d like to go even deeper into the lives and careers of Jordan and his teammates? Well, if you’re a Spotify user, you’re in luck. Writing at The Verge, Ashley Carman has the details of a partnership that’s emerged between Spotify, ESPN and Netflix to deepen the history and analysis found on The Last Dance.

… Spotify is creating music and podcast playlists that viewers can check out after watching the show. The music playlist was partially curated by the series’ music supervisor Rudy Chung, while Spotify’s internal podcast curation team is seemingly putting the weekly podcast playlist together.

Carman makes an interesting point in the article — namely, that Spotify’s access to a library of music means that they might have access to some songs that Chung wasn’t able to license for the series itself.

The two playlists — titled The Last Dance (music) and After the Last Dance (podcasts) — offer an even more immersive take on the documentary. After the Last Dance is set to be updated weekly. Think of it as an aftershow of sorts — a way to deepen your understanding of a complex blend of strong personalities and athletic talent.

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