By Evan Bleier / August 4, 2018

Meet the 70-Year-Old Texas Sportscaster Who Has Become a Liberal Hero

Dale Hansen’s opinions aren’t popular in his state but he shares them anyway.

Dale Hansen discussing  Jerry Jones' anthem policy on YouTube. (WFAA/YouTube)
Dale Hansen discussing Jerry Jones' anthem policy on YouTube. (WFAA/YouTube)

San Francisco’s Richard Sherman got all the ink for calling out Jerry Jones for his “plantation mentality,” but the 49ers corner was far from the only one ripping the Dallas Cowboys owner earlier this week.

Dale Hansen of WFAA’s nightly news team in Dallas-Fort Worth also took Jones to task, chiding the owner for wearing his hat during the national anthem while at the same time requiring his players to show respect and stand with their “toe on the line” during the playing of the song.

It’s far from the first time Hansen, 70, has gone against the grain in his home state.

In other instances of his “Unplugged” segment, Hansen has made liberal-leaning commentary following school and police shootings, criticized President Trump for his commens about the national anthem, and explained where gay ex-NFL player Michael Sam could have fit into the fabric of the league.

A self-described “fat, white guy in a deep red state,” Hansen believes that a lot of people in Texas and throughout the U.S. identify with him even if they think of themselves as conservative.

“I’m old enough to remember when you were referred to as a conservative, that was embarrassing. If you did support the war, you were the person who was in the way of America’s best interests,” he told The Washington Post. “Somehow, someway, even during the Reagan years, people weren’t embarrassed to say they were liberal. Now it’s used as an insult. Nixon had the silent majority. I think in many ways that we liberals now are the silent majority. I think there are a great many people out there who are afraid to raise their voice because they’ll be called a liberal.”

Here’s Hansen on Jones and the anthem:

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