Sports | August 1, 2020 1:29 pm

Magic City Performers Say Lou Williams Received Dances, Meaning He Lied to NBA

A new report finds that Lou Williams did receive dances at Magic City, contrary to what he told NBA

Williams Magic City
Lou Williams of the LA Clippers smiles during a timeout in the game against the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center on February 28, 2020.
Harry How/Getty Images

A new report from The Los Angeles Times has found that Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams lied to the NBA about his visit to Atlanta strip club Magic City, with performers from the club saying that he did receive what they called socially-distanced dances. Williams had previously said that he only went to Magic City for the food, claiming its his favorite spot to dine at in Atlanta.

The Times spoke to various dancers at the club, who confirmed that while Williams did place an order with the Magic City kitchen, he also received dances from a handful of performers, though they were all clear that those dances happened from six feet apart. One of the dancers, Aries, said that the club was diligent about checking temperatures of everyone involved to reduce risk, while also adding that Williams “tipped very well” for the performances.

Regardless of the safety protocols in place and whether they were followed, the problem is that Williams reportedly told the NBA that he had only gone to the club for the food and that he had not received a dance. The league still forced him to quarantine for the maximum of ten days, but there are provisions to extend that quarantine if a player is involved in a high-risk activity while outside the bubble.

Whether receiving socially-distanced dances qualifies for that is unclear, but if the Times report is to be believed, it will likely not be received well that Williams lied about his activities while outside the bubble, an excused absence he was allotted to attend a family friend’s funeral.

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