George R.R. Martin Is Already Depressed About the Giants and Jets

"Life is meaningless and full of pain," Martin wrote on his blog

George R.R. Martin Is Already Depressed About the Giants and Jets
"Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin at a New York Jets game. (Al Pereira/WireImage)
By Evan Bleier / September 9, 2019 11:39 am

For Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, the NFL season started with a “sigh.”

Martin, a diehard football fan who roots for both the New York Jets and New York Giants, didn’t have much to cheer about yesterday as both of his teams suffered discouraging losses.

For the Jets, their loss was painful because they were leading by 16 points at home in the second half, only to allow Bills quarterback Josh Allen to connect with John Brown on a 38-yard touchdown with three minutes left. The Jets, who missed an extra point during the game, couldn’t score and lost 17-16.

The Giants also led in their game against the Cowboys, courtesy of a first-quarter touchdown pass by Eli Manning, but their defense surrendered five straight touchdowns and lost 35-17. Saquon Barkley looked good for New York with 120 yards on just 11 carries, but he was the lone bright spot for G-Men.

On his blog, Martin wrote about both games in a post entitled “sigh” which he started off by saying: “A new season of NFL football has begun, and … Life is meaningless and full of pain.”

Then Martin wrote about the Giants: “The Giants game went more or less as expected. Saquon was incredible as ever, Eli played well, but OBJ was sorely missed and there was no defense. Kid QB looked sharp when the game was over, but not sharp enough to be thrown to the wolves next week. Eli should play.”

Followed by the Jets: “The Jets collapse was inexcusable. How the hell could management have let our Pro Bowl kicker walk? If Sam Darnold is the new Namath, he sure didn’t look like it. I think another long dark season looms ahead.”

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