Sports | July 21, 2020 7:30 am

Fox Sports Rolls Out “Fully Reimagined” Website and App

The new look features live TV with access to multiple camera angles, as well as real-time odds

The new Fox Sports app
Fox Sports rolled out a "fully reimagined" app.
FOX Sports

After pivoting away from written articles to focus on video content, Fox Sports has reversed course with a “fully reimagined” website that went live on Monday.

Unleashed at the same time as the new Fox Sports App, was “completely redesigned to serve the sports fan of today and tomorrow” and now offers live-streaming of games and shows as well as real-time gambling odds provided by Fox Bet Sportsbook.

The new site also gives fans the option to personalize their experience by selecting their favorite leagues, teams and players in order to customize the content they see.

As part of the update, select Fox games and events will now feature patent-pending Bonus Cams that will permit fans to watch a live telecast while choosing between secondary feeds with different camera angles and perspectives.

“FOX Sports is known for innovation, and this forward-looking digital redesign marks a new era,” said Fox Sports executive VP and head of digital David Katz. “Modern sports fans are passionate, engaged and uncompromising. Our bold, distinctive products provide them a fresh way to experience the leagues, teams and players they love.”

The Fox Sports App is available now on iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play Store.

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