Sports | June 14, 2019 10:59 am

Former ESPN Reporter Engaging in Shady Sports-Gambling Behavior

Darren Rovell left ESPN to join the Action Network in November

Darren Rovell speaks at the NYVC Sports Venture Series: (Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for AWXI)
Darren Rovell speaks at the NYVC Sports Venture Series: (Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for AWXI)
Paul Zimmerman

Darren Rovell, who left ESPN to join the Action Network,  gambling-focused media company, in November, is being accused of not actually putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to wagers.

Essentially, Rovell has been accused of trying to make it appear as if he has strong gambling skills by placing a few large bets in order to increase the size of his total winnings. Basically, the assertion is that he actually loses most of his bets but his betting résumé looks good because of the inflated bottom line due to the large bets. Also, internet sleuths have figured out Rovell’s wagering amounts have been altered after the fact to help his bottom line look better.

Rovell came under fire after bragging about his betting prowess online and encouraging his two million followers to pay for gambling advice and information from the Action Network.

The Action Network does not sell picks but it does offer users access to gambling information and “exclusive betting data” for the price of $4.99 per month.

Given that Rovell works for a company that offers help with sports gambling, it’s clearly problematic if he’s not being truthful about his own gambling prowess and history.

Rovell was at ESPN for 18 years of reporting on the business of sports before joining the Action Network on a multi-year contract as a senior executive producer.

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