By Evan Bleier / August 29, 2018

Chuck Schumer Introduces Suggestions for Federal Sports Betting Framework

The Senate minority leader suggests pro leagues should be involved in the gambling process.

In a memo provided to ESPN, Senator Chuck Schumer introduced his suggestions for how the federal government should set up a framework for regulating legal sports gambling.

The Senate minority leader’s suggestions include asking pro sports to be involved in determining what bets would be accepted and only using official league data to determine bet outcomes.

Despite pushing for leagues to be involved, Schumer’s memo did not mention the idea of “integrity fees,” essentially the concept that leagues should be compensated for increasing security and scrutiny in order to make sure that play on the field, court, and ice is legit.

“As a New York sports fan – especially my Yankees and Giants – and a senator, my priority in the wake of the Murphy v. NCAA decision is making sure the integrity of the games we love is preserved, that young people and those suffering from gambling addiction are not taken advantage of, and that consumers that choose to engage in sports betting are appropriately protected,” Schumer said. “With the Supreme Court’s ruling, it’s incumbent on the federal government to take a leadership role and provide the necessary guidance to prevent uncertainty and confusion for the leagues, state governments, consumers and fans alike.”

Since the Supreme Court decision in May, three states – Delaware, New Jersey, and Mississippi – have started taking legal bets.

The move has been successful and in Delaware the state was able to collect more than $1 million during the first three weeks of legalized gambling alone.

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