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Can Bulked-Up Bryson DeChambeau’s Body Last for the Long Haul?

Jason Day doesn't think DeChambeau is set up for long-term success

Can Bulked-Up Bryson DeChambeau's Body Last for the Long Haul
Bryson DeChambeau hits a shot during the BMW Match Play Championship.
Getty Images

On the PGA Tour this season, Bryson DeChambeau has been experiencing a power surge after adding nearly 40 pounds of muscle over the last year courtesy of an extreme weight-lifting routine.

Currently ranked eighth in the world after finishing at No. 14 in 2019, 240-pound DeChambeau is driving the ball better than any other players on the Tour and leads the PGA this season in average yards per drive at 324.

“If I could get to 260 pounds and swing it upward of 210 miles an hour and control the ball, that would be amazing,” DeChambeau told The New York Times last month.

DeChambeau and his bulked-up body have been the talk of the Tour and, while he appreciates what his rival is accomplishing in the short-term, former world No. 1 golfer Jason Day doesn’t see it working out in the long-term for the 26-year-old American.

“I had a quick chat to him about his body and his swing,” Day said, according to Reuters.  “In the short-term I think it’s going to be fine. Mid-to-long-term I don’t think it’s going to be. I don’t think his body can handle the amount of stress that he’s putting on it because not only did he add a lot of weight quickly, he’s added a lot of speed very quickly, too.”

When thinking about DeChambeau, the 32-year-old recalled how putting on weight and muscle himself a few years ago hurt his swing and irritated his back.

“I may eat my words and Bryson may be out here for 20, 30 more years and still do the exact same thing,” Day said. “But going through what I’ve done, it can be very difficult to add that weight and try and add that speed very quickly.”

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