By Ariel Scotti / March 11, 2019

Bears’ Lineman Thanks Agent After Making “Most Overpaid Player” List

Kyle Long could've responded with angst but chose the high road instead.

Kyle long agent
Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears thanked his agent after he made an "overpaid" player list. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

After the Chicago Bears’ Kyle Long found out he made Bleacher Report‘s “Most Overpaid Player” list, the offensive lineman decided to give credit where it was due.

Instead of sounding off against the site for calling out his contract and taking a shot at his worth, Long decided to keep it light.

“Shoutout to my agent,” Long tweeted alongside a link to the offending article.

Long and his agent recently renegotiated his four-year contract extension with the Bears. The O-lineman has been a productive player for his team, but $10 million a year was a bit too rich for the Bears’ current contending plans, and so they and Long agreed to restructure the contract lowering his cap figure for 2019, Yahoo Sports reported.

While the details of his new cap figure haven’t been made public, it seems as if both parties are pleased with the outcome happy with Long’s place in the Bears’ long-term plans.

Nearly 340,000 people enjoyed Long’s take, including a few notable names.

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