Sports | November 26, 2018 1:27 pm

76ers Fans Start Petition to Ban Kendall Jenner from Attending Home Games

The Sixers lost their first game of the season at the Wells Fargo Center with Jenner in attendance.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner was the highest-paid model in 2018. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
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Never known to be the most welcoming fans in the world, Philadelphia fanatics now have a new target in their crosshairs: Kendall Jenner.

Jenner, who is dating 76ers star Ben Simmons, was in the house watching the team at the Wells Fargo Center when the Sixers lost their first home game of the season.

Considering the loss came against the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia fans reacted by venting on social media and starting a petition to ban Jenner from the Wells Fargo Center.

“If the Jenner/Kardashian family has any shred of decency left, Kendall will never again show her face at the Wells Fargo Center,” according to the petition. “The absence of Jenner, would return the home court advantage the Sixers have garnered since March of last year. A 20 game home regular season win streak has been snapped, Ben Simmons’ career is in jeopardy, and an innocent man in Jimmy Butler is injured. The madness must stop. BAN KENDALL JENNER FROM THE WELLS FARGO CENTER.”

A screenshot of the “Ban Kendall Jenner From the Wells Fargo Center” petition. (

As of now, more than 6,500 people have signed the petition.

Jenner fared a little better when she went to see Simmons play in Brooklyn on Sunday against the Nets.

Kendall Jenner attends the Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on November 25, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images)
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