Ferrari Set to Open Restaurant in Maranello, Italy

Will be a joint venture with Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana

What if the Ferrari of restaurants was also Ferrari?
David Schachner/Creative Commons
By Tobias Carroll / November 8, 2019 12:04 pm

When you think of Ferrari, what comes to mind? Probably a beautifully-designed, high-performance automobile — one that’s been the gold standard for sports cars for decades. But what would happen if Ferrari decided to turn its attention to a very different world where high-quality components and innovative design also played a part? That’s right: Ferrari is getting into the restaurant business.

At Digital Trends, Ronan Glon is reporting that the automaker is looking to branch out and into a very different luxury realm. It’ll be located in Maranello, Italy — just like Ferrari’s headquarters. The food will come from one Massimo Bottura, who brings a sterling reputation to the table. As Glon writes, “[t]he 57-year old Bottura owns and runs a restaurant called Osteria Francescana that’s located a stone’s throw from Ferrari’s headquarters, and he earned a coveted three-star rating from Michelin, so he’s a good fit.”

It’s part of a larger effort to make Ferrari synonymous with more than cars. The Hustle reports that Ferrari is also teaming up with Giorgio Armani for an apparel venture. 

Both reports note that this isn’t Ferrari’s first foray outside of the automotive world: in 2010, they opened a theme park, Ferrari World, in Abu Dhabi. Apparently, it’s home to an absurdly fast roller coaster — so if either of these ventures tap into the culinary or sartorial version of that, they should be in good shape. 

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