News & Opinion | July 27, 2018 2:14 pm

Kill Your Dad Bod. Kill It With Fire.

If you’re overworked (and overweight), this new routine is perfect for you.

John Belushi in "Animal House." (Universal Pictures)
John Belushi in "Animal House." (Universal Pictures)

It’s no secret that physical health and emotional well-being can become an afterthought for many overworked Americans. A 2016 study from the Mayo Clinic revealed that less than 3% of Americans live a “healthy lifestyle,” while an oft-referenced 79-year study out of Harvard found that the happiest American men are those who actually devote time to maintaining strong friendships into their later years.

Sound familiar?

Well here’s a little help: InsideHook just launched a video series in partnership with Cotton that sets up regular guys with leading fitness and wellness experts to help them revamp their daily routines over the course of one-day boot camps.

In the first episode, a former DI football player and current Hollywood trainer puts a thirty-something with a nascent dad-bod through the ringer, encouraging him to cast off his unhealthy habits and take back his life.