News & Opinion | July 27, 2018 9:23 am

Tom Cruise Forces Late-Night Comic to Skydive

Ahead of the release of "Mission Impossible: Fallout," Cruise teaches James Corden how it's done.

Risk-taking CEOs
James Corden's not a CEO but his talent is highly valued. (CBS)

Tom Cruise recently took late-night comedian James Corden to the desert in California to jump out of an airplane, and hilarity ensued. It was just another afternoon for the world-famous action star (and incredible stuntman) — but Corden was having none of it.

“The worst problem is in all of this: If we both die, I will get zero press. I mean, I will be a footnote,” Corden joked. “The story will be, ‘Tom Cruise dies…also that guy who occasionally drives around in a car was also there.’”

Cruise, to his credit, did his best to put Corden at ease. Take a look at the clip below.