News & Opinion | July 3, 2018 5:00 am

This Revamped Volkswagen Will Make You Want to Take a Road Trip

Evolution sure does look good.


The charm of the VW bus doesn’t get old, and when you pass one on the street, you know you get a little jealous of the free-loving, salty-blond youths who are hanging out of it. But the car’s golden age has passed, and the car just doesn’t have the same allure it once did. So Volkswagen decided its time for a reboot. The company’s newly released California Camper Van keeps everything we love about the original while adding some amazing adventuring amenities, including an elevated roof tent.

The tent is opened electro-hydraulically and allows the California to sleep four without any problems. There is a kitchen area (fridge, sink, stove kitchen, as well as big-time storage space and an outdoor shower. And to top it off, the dashboard definitely brings Volkswagen into the 21st-century.