News & Opinion | June 23, 2018 5:00 am

This Museum Garage in Miami Is America’s Coolest Place to Park

The garage was the brainchild of Terence Riley, the former chief curator of architecture and design at MoMA.

(Museum Garage)
Miguel de Guzman

A seven-story parking garage in Miami is the coolest place to park, possibly ever. The seven-story structure is the brainchild of Terence Riley, the former chief curator of architecture and design at MoMA. Craig Robins, a developer who has built and rebuilt a lot of Miami’s Design District, ired five architects to build a section of the garage’s facade, but none of them knew what the others were building.

“Parking garages are big, and they’re not especially loved,” said Riley at the garage’s opening earlier this year, according to Men’s Journal. “Frequently, architects and artists are asked to iterate the visual consequence of a necessary thing.”

Each element has its own draw. Riley’s own facade is called “Barricade” and was inspired by the orange-and-red plastic barricades that demarc Miami’s non-stop construction zones. Another element, created by New York City-based firm WORKac and called “Ant Farm,” is a pattern of 2D tunnels weaving their way through a rectangular patterned background. The background glows pink at night.