News & Opinion | July 22, 2018 5:00 am

New Study Says Men Who Drink Beer Are More Fertile

Researchers found that men who drink more beer have more sperm.

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Here’s another reason to order one more beer: A recent study published by researchers at the Policlinico hospital’s fertility clinic in Milan, Italy, says that men who drink about one beer a day produce more sperm. The study included 323 male patients who had varying weekly alcohol intakes. Thirty percent of them reported having 1-3 drinks per week, 30 percent reported having 4-7 drinks per week and 30 percent reported having 8 or more drinks per week. Men in the two groups with higher alcohol intakes had “significantly higher sperm concentration” than those who had 1-3 weekly drinks, reports Maxim. Men who had 4-7 weekly drinks also had a “significantly higher median semen volume” than those who had 1-3 weekly drinks.

Researchers also tested 39 men who reported having 14 or more drinks per week. However, “no statistically or clinically significant association was observed.”

The research also suggests that antioxidants from grapes in wine, and a compound in beer hops called Xanthohumol helps to protect sperm cells from damage, Maxim writes.