News & Opinion | July 22, 2018 5:00 am

Netflix’s New Show Visits the Most Dangerous, Off-Limits Sites in the World

"Dark Tourist" is an eight-part series.

dark tourist

Dark Tourist, an eight-part series exclusively on Netflix, celebrates some of the most dangerous hot spots around the world. These include a nuclear fallout zone, a voodoo initiation ceremony, or Jeffrey Dahmer’s old stomping grounds. Want to know what it’s like to hang with Pablo Escobar’s top assassin or Charles Manson’s best friend? You got it.

Dark Tourist is the brainchild of journalist and documentarian David Farrier, who was responsible for Tickled, a non-fiction feature about the world of competitive endurance tickling. Dark Tourist focuses on areas defined by death and destruction, writes The Daily Beas— basically places that you are told to straight-up avoid.

The episodes are 40 minutes long and allow the viewer to watch Farrier get into strange and perilous situations. He goes to a haunted house where customers are literally tortured; he spends time in South Africa with an Afrikaner family who prepares each day for a “race war apocalypse”; he visits the ghost town of Famagusta, Cyprus, where Turkish officials threaten intruders. The Daily Beast writes that Dark Tourist seems to try to shine a light on locales that are constantly shrouded in darkness.