News & Opinion | May 29, 2019 9:09 am

Navy Pilots Reported Seeing UFOs on Nearly “Daily Basis”

But none of the pilots were willing to call the UFOs alien

Belief in UFOs is far less fringe than you may think.

Reader, it’s been swell.

Between 2014 and 2015, Navy pilots allegedly spotted unidentified flying objects in the sky on a near-daily basis, according to a new report. This includes one such aircraft that resembled a “spinning top moving against the wind.”

The report from The New York Times says that the sightings began around the summer of 2014 when a vessel some 30,000 feet in the sky was spotted by Navy pilots who were conducting training maneuvers between Florida and Virginia. The service members said that it was moving at what appeared to be near-hypersonic speeds.

Another encounter was, understandably, reported by a pilot to the Navy after he nearly collided with a UFO in midair.

These reports and others like them apparently happened so frequently that the Navy issued official guidelines for how to report these “unexplained aerial phenomena.”

None of the pilots interviewed by the Times were willing, however, to go as far as saying they believed what they saw was piloted by aliens.

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