News & Opinion | July 27, 2018 9:52 am

InfoWars Founder Alex Jones Banned From Facebook for 30 Days

He has also been banned from YouTube.

alex jones
Conspiracy theorist and radio talk show host Alex Jones speaks during a rally in support of Donald Trump near the Republican National Convention iJuly 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Brooks Kraft/ Getty Images)
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Alex Jones, the founder of conspiracy site InfoWars, has been suspended by Facebook. The social media giant said Thursday that it had banned the right-wing conspiracy theorist from using his account for the next 30 days after removing four videos that it said violated its community standards. A Facebook spokesperson also said that if Jones or his fellow admins continue to break Facebook’s rules, his page would face a permanent ban from the site.

The 30-day ban currently affects Alex Jones personally, but not his fellow InfoWars page admins. This means that “The Alex Jones Channel” will stay on Facebook for now and his colleagues can keep posting as long as they follow the rules.

This move comes a day after YouTube removed some of Jones’ videos and suspended his ability to broadcast live on YouTube for 90 days.

“In this case, we received reports related to four different videos on the Pages that Infowars and Alex Jones maintain on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement, according to Cnet. “We reviewed the content against our Community Standards and determined that it violates. All four videos have been removed from Facebook.”