By Ariel Scotti / December 6, 2018

24 Amazon Employees Hospitalized After Robot Accidentally Released Bear Spray

One worker is reportedly in critical condition.

amazon robot
An Amazon robot put dozens of employees in the hospital on Wednesday. (David Ryder/Getty Images)

Two dozen Amazon workers at a facility in New Jersey have been hospitalized after a robot accidentally tore into a can of bear repellant spray, releasing it into the air at an indoor warehouse.

The 24 employees were treated at five different art hospitals, ABC News reported. One is in critical condition while another 30 were treated at the scene.

After an initial investigation by police, it was determined that “an automated machine accidentally punctured a 9-ounce bear repellent can, releasing concentrated Capsaicn,” Robbinsville Township communications and public information officer John Nalbone told ABC.

Capsaicin is the major active ingredient in bear spray.

“All of the impacted employees have been or are expected to be released from hospital within the next 24 hours,” Amazon said in a statement on Wednesday. “The safety of our employees is always our top priority and a full investigation is already underway. We’d like to thank all of the first responders who helped with today’s incident.”

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