Music | October 12, 2020 6:00 am

New Podcast Set to Cover History of Joy Division and New Order

"Transmissions" debuts on October 22

Joy Division
Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Ian Curtis and Peter Hook performing live onstage at Bowdon Vale Youth Club.
Martin O'Neill/Redferns

Some bands come and go without making much of an impact on the larger community of musicians around them. And then there are Joy Division and New Order, bands whose histories are interwoven and whose musical influence spans entire genres. Both groups have been the subject of films, including Control and 24 Hour Party People; Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has also written extensively about his storied career in music.

If your preferred method of learning musical history is via podcast, a new report from Stereogum has some exciting news. Peter Helman writes that a new podcast dedicated to the history of both groups is set to debut on October 22. The podcast, titled Transmissions: The Definitive Story, will feature contributions from Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert.

That quartet of musicians aren’t the only ones involved with the podcast, however. The Stereogum article contains the full list, but a few names that stood out to us include Peter Saville, Thurston Moore, Stereolab and Karen O.

Cup & Nuzzle, the production company behind the podcast, has established an impressive niche for themselves — they’ve also produced official podcasts for the likes of Pink Floyd, Robert Plant and the Rolling Stones. It’s probably not that surprising that audiophiles might gravitate towards an audio medium for learning more about their favorite artists.

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