Ozzy Osbourne Just Made Music Chart History

The heavy metal icon has a top 10 hit with a hip-hop star

Ozzy Osbourne went on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to reveal his Parkinson's diagnosis.
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By Kirk Miller / September 17, 2019 3:09 pm

As far as music careers go, Ozzy Osbourne is “Iron Man.”

As in, it’s a marathon, not a race. Three decades after the heavy metal singer’s last top 10 hit, Osbourne is back on the charts at No. 8 with “Take What You Want,” a collaboration with hip-hop stars Post Malone and Travis Scott.

“Take” marks the longest time between top 10s in Billboard chart history. Osbourne’s prior hit occurred in 1989 on a duet with Lita Ford (“Close My Eyes Forever”).

If you’re not up on current music: Post Malone’s real name is Austin Post; born in Syracuse, the heavily tattooed singer has dabbled in hip-hop, rock and pop, and earned his initial fame as an opener for Justin Bieber in 2016. Unnamed InsideHook editors would describe him as “something like Everlast for 2019” while admitting “he’s got bangers.”

Post actually has four songs in the top 10, a feat more easily accomplished in an era when individual song streaming on services like Spotify determines chart placement far more than sales or radio play (“Want” had 35.7 million streams during the chart’s tracking week).

And if you’re not up on older music: Apparently, a lot of Post Malone fans were not aware of Ozzy Osbourne.

Whatever you think of the rap-rock banger, the collaboration was apparently uplifting. In an interview with The Sun (via the metal site Blabbermouth), Osbourne, 70, noted that Post Malone reached out while the former Black Sabbath frontman was recovering from pneumonia. “I’d never even heard of the kid,” he said, but he liked the end result so much, he ended up recording a new nine-song record with PM’s producer Andrew Watt, which should be released in the next few months.

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