Movies | June 10, 2019 11:30 am

Here’s a Netflix Hack We’ve Actually Never Heard Of

This simple search query narrows your selections to award-winning films and series

A simple search query can help you find quality content quickly (Netflix screen shot)

Based on Netflix’s algorithm, my weekend binge watching included a time travel movie where the actors were most definitely reading off of cue cards (Synchronicity), a 2014 rom-com with Keira Knightley featuring all unlikeable characters (Laggies) and the Netflix original Wine Country, an Amy Poehler film which promised Bridesmaids-worthy yucks but delivered zero laughs.

We need some quality assistance. Thankfully, as noted by Buzzfeed, the Netflix Latin America Twitter account provided a viewing hack recently that we surprisingly didn’t know about … and one that nicely curates your streaming options.

Translation: If you type in Cannes, Sundance or Oscar into your Netflix search engine, you’ll find hundreds of award-winning flicks and series. You’ll also be able to deep dive into those titles — a search for “Cannes,” for example, brings up additional recommended searches for Cannes Film Festival Award-winning French Movies, Festival Winners and Cannes Art House Movies (among many others).

Want more Netflix hacks? We have 13 of ’em here, including a way of getting film recommendations from real life people, plus a hidden form where you can recommend films to the streaming service and a rather ridiculous way to watch Netflix at 50 percent faster rate.

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