Internet | July 15, 2022 5:13 pm

A Party Game Version of Wordle Will Debut This Fall

Hasbro and New York Times Games are releasing it

Wordle party game
Wordle: now in party game form.
The New York Times Company

Wordle doesn’t have a built-in method for competition, but that hasn’t stopped its players from finding ways to do exactly that. That can take many forms, from sharing performance in a specific day’s game on their social media platform of choice to adapting golf scoring for the game.

By the end of this year, players should have an official way to play Wordle against friends — and it won’t require an internet connection. That said, it’ll also be a somewhat different version of the game that they’re used to. And if all that’s not enough, it will also answer the question, “What else does the New York Times have planned for Wordle?”

Short version: a party game version of Wordle is on the way, and should be in stores this fall. (It’s a joint venture from Hasbro and New York Times Games.) That’s one of the big takeaways from a new Washington Post report, which also explores how this version of Wordle will differ from the one you’ve been playing on your phone or browser.

According to the article, gameplay will involve competitors trying to guess five-letter words, with green and yellow letters placed when a letter is guessed correctly. Players will be given points for the number of guesses they make before finding the word; the player with the lowest number of points at the end of the game will win.

In their announcement of the forthcoming game, the New York Times Company revealed that players will be able to choose from between four different variations, which will include the ability for teams to play. In a few short months, we’ll know if the physical version of Wordle will be as much of a sensation as its online counterpart.