NYC’s Most Powerful Restaurant Couple Just Split Up

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park will go their separate ways

Daniel Humm and Will Guidara (MAL FAIRCLOUGH/AFP/Getty Images)
Daniel Humm and Will Guidara (MAL FAIRCLOUGH/AFP/Getty Images)
AFP/Getty Images
By Jason Diamond / July 30, 2019 6:29 am

Ever since Danny Meyer opened up Eleven Madison Park in 1998, it has not only been a fixture on lists of the best restaurants in New York City, but also gets mentioned among the best in the entire world.

Judging by the awards chef Daniel Humm and his business partner, Will Guidara, have accumulated since they purchased the restaurant from Meyer in 2011 (three Michelin stars from 2012-2018, four stars from Pete Wells at the New York Times, a handful of James Beards and plenty of recognition for their legendary wine list, among others), it’s safe to say that the Flatiron spot has only improved over the last few years.

But as reported by Kim Severson at the New York Times, Humm and Guidara are splitting up. Humm will buy out his former partner, and Guidara will start his own restaurant group. According to the report, the split is amicable:

“It’s been an incredible run and I think we both learned a lot from each other, but we also have evolved in different ways,” Mr. Humm said in a joint interview with Mr. Guidara. “We’re extremely proud. We just came to the conclusion in the end that what would be best for the company is if I continue to run it.”

Beyond the accolades their restaurant brought them, Severson points out that the pair had been “as tight as brothers” while sometimes resembling “a married couple who rode ups and downs and sometimes fought in front of the children.” In the end, the partnership “grew rocky” and a split was inevitable.

Here’s hoping the child of their divorce — the Flatiron restaurant that keeps diners coming back despite a testing menu that runs more than $300 per head — isn’t any worse for the wear.

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