Crime | May 8, 2021 6:16 pm

Car Dealership Employees Accused of Selling Guns From Work

One of them used the car for personal transportation as well

Ford Explorer
A Ford Explorer is not a gun store, and yet someone is accused of using one for that very purpose.
Bull-Doser/Creative Commons

What do you expect to get when you visit a car dealership? Most likely, you’re looking to purchase a new car or truck. You might be there for scheduled maintenance or to pick up some sort of accessory for your vehicle of choice. One thing you’re probably not there for is to buy a gun — or multiple guns. And yet, according to federal investigators, that’s exactly what a pair of car dealership employees in Hutto, Texas were selling.

At Jalopnik, Lawrence Hodge has more details on this very distinctive extracurricular activity. The employees were using the lot of Covert Ford Hutto as a base of operations to sell both guns and ammunition. Investigators set up multiple weapons purchases, which were conducted out of the back of a Ford Explorer. One of the two salesmen arrested for the weapons dealing was also using the Explorer for his personal transportation.

Needless to say, this is a bad combination for someone engaged in illegal activities and looking to maintain a low profile.

The dealership itself responded with a comment, noting that its management and ownership were unaware of the activities in question until the arrests took place. “Covert Ford Hutto was not aware of any alleged illegal activity by these employees on our premises until the time of arrests,” their statement read in part. “Once we learned of the arrests, they were terminated.”