The Redee Face Mask Allows You to Drink Without Taking It Off, But Is It Safe?

The mask features a covered opening for your straw and a filter

Redee coronavirus face mask
Redee wants to be your coronavirus drinking mask.
By Kirk Miller / July 23, 2020 7:00 am

The laws about drinking in New York, like any other place right now, aren’t perfect.

We need to wear a mask when we go to a bar or restaurant … except when we’re eating or drinking. Which seems like a time when a lot of droplets and aerosols are going to shoot out of your mouth.

Hoping to make things easier for patrons and servers while keeping everyone safe: The Redee Mask, an adjustable face covering that allows you to enjoy a drink while you’re masked.

As the Redee site explains:

The unique design of our Redee Mask allows you to insert a straw through a covered, unexposed opening. There’s no need to sacrifice safety while enjoying your coffee, water, tea, or alcoholic drink. Made from premium cotton and features a pocket to insert a replaceable filter (not included). Includes wire insert to contour around nose for best fit. Mask on. Drink on.

“Our goal is to help people safely drink with their masks on and slow the spread,” Redee founder Ryan Lee told CNN. “Since masks might be here for a while, we felt there needed to be something that lets us keep our masks on and have a drink when we’re shopping, at a bar, on a plane or at places where masks are required or social distancing is difficult.”

The mask was originally designed for essential workers so they could enjoy a beverage while still working.

Still, some experts believe it’s actually safer to take off your your mask and place it in a clean receptacle or bag while you’re eating or drinking to avoid contamination. Add any hole in the mask, even a covered and filtered one, and it’s not going to be as effective as a mask that fits well and hasn’t been disrupted by your margarita binge. Also, the Redee is not FDA approved at this time.

Without endorsing this, you can preorder a Redee (filter not included) for $25 here.

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