Booze | August 19, 2020 6:00 am

To Compete Against Netflix, This Gin Brand Goes All in on Literal Streaming

It's certainly a more tranquil viewing alternative

One of the literal streams that Hendrick's Gin is streaming online
A new streaming option from Hendrick's Gin.
Hendrick's Gin

As someone who enjoys a good drink, but who is also running out of shows to watch on his various cord-cutting platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, Peacock, etc.) and in need of some calmness, there’s a new streaming option. Literally.

Hendrick’s Gin just unveiled an unusual new “streaming” platform dubbed Hendrick’s Streaming. There, the Scottish gin brand is focusing entirely on a 24/7 video feed of beautiful streams.

On the plus side: The videos are relaxing. It’s also free (with no ads, unless you count the gin product placement). And there are animals in top hats!

As well, each stream features accompanying recipes, which are easy to make and summer-friendly.

Downside? Not a lot of action, and the streams are limited to just three for now (The Brook that Dared, Cucumber Creek and Little Falls with Rosy Dreams).

“We find the array of films and shows available on conventional streaming to be quite mind-numbing,” Vance Henderson, U.S. ambassador for Hendrick’s, said in a press release. “Our stream-focused streaming service will provide a leisurely alternative, coupled with insights into how best to sip Hendrick’s cocktails while you watch. Our objective is to entertain, relax and mesmerize our curious and thirsty viewers.”

At the very least, this is all a nice excuse to enjoy nature from home, sip on a boozy rickey and not think too much about how Ryan Reynolds just made $610 million from selling his gin brand.

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