Prefab House Company Offers Solar-Powered Homes For Off-the-Grid Living

The latest offering from ships in 2020

The solar-powered mOne is designed for off-the-grid living.
By Tobias Carroll / October 20, 2019 6:15 am

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect location for your tiny house. You have a spot that’s accessible yet remote; scenic yet secluded. But even the best combinations of space and design can hit a major hurdle: what if there’s no way to get power to your new home? 

A new prefab house made by offers an unexpected but eminently practical solution to that dilemma. At Curbed, Liz Stinson reports on the mOne, a 400-square foot home made via 3D printing that comes designed with solar panels built in. It could be described as “off-the-grid,” thought it might be more accurate to say that in this case, the house is the grid. 

Stinson notes that the company’s design process begins with insulation — which makes for a very energy-efficient house.

The ultra-insulated structure makes it possible for solar panels — and a back-up battery — to power the entire home. By the company’s estimates, its home is 20 times more energy-efficient than the average American home. models feature a laundry list of other green features including a bioactive sewage system that helps purify black water and a purification system that cleans and recycles shower water.

According to’s website, the mOne is designed to be transportable. Two larger models, the mTwo and mFour, are designed with families in mind; they’re larger, with a higher price tag.

Curbed’s article points out that these homes will be shipped to customers beginning in February of next year. It’s a welcome addition to the pantheon of elegant, thoughtful home design.

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