Apps | May 30, 2019 10:57 am

Uber Will Start Banning Low-Rated Passengers

The ride share service will warn you in advance, however

If your passenger rating falls below average, Uber may ban you from their service (Petri Oeschger/Getty)

Be respectful to your Uber driver, or you won’t get a ride.

A new initiative from the rideshare service will ban low-rated passengers from using the app. “Riders may lose access to Uber if they develop a significantly below average rating,” writes Kate Parker, Uber’s Head of Safety Brand and Initiatives, in a recent blog post.

This policy arrives a few years after Uber drivers were required to meet a minimum rating threshold, which Business Insider pegged at 4.6 or above in a 2015 article. While drivers could rate passengers, there have been fewer consequences until now.

You can find your rating under your username on the app. But how low your rating can go before a ban kicks in wasn’t immediately clear. “Each city has its own minimum threshold which is directly related to the average rider rating in that city,” Uber spokesperson Grant Klinzman told NPR.

Low-rated riders will also lose access to Uber Eats and the e-scooter Jump app, according to CNN.

To help passengers with low scores, Uber will offer tips on how to improve their ratings — which includes polite behavior, picking up trash and not asking the driver to exceed the speed limit. As well, riders will get “multiple” opportunities to improve their ratings before losing access.