Apps | July 15, 2020 6:50 pm

Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Apple and More Hacked in Massive Twitter Attack

In an unprecedented move, Twitter has blocked all verified accounts from tweeting as it diagnoses the issue

Verified users are temporarily blocked from tweeting as a result of a massive hack.

The Twitter accounts of politicians, celebrities and major companies including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple and Kanye West have been compromised in what appears to be a massive hack of the social media company.

The hack is currently ongoing as of this writing, and it’s unclear who is beyond the scam tweets, which urge followers to send the user money via a Bitcoin wallet address. To deal with the hack, Twitter appears to have taken the unprecedented measure of blocking all verified accounts from tweeting.

The company says it’s currently aware of the issue and working to correct it, writing, “We are aware of a security incident impacting accounts on Twitter. We are investigating and taking steps to fix it. We will update everyone shortly. You may be unable to tweet or reset your password while we review and address this incident.”

The hack is alarming for a number of reasons; it raises concerns over national security (the fact that the Democratic nominee for president can be so easily hacked should raise a few red flags) and data theft.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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