Dadventures - Los Angeles Surf Adventure


The California Surf Adventure

“My sons are 11 and 14. Recently, I took them to Southern California for their first big surf pilgrimage (well, body-boarding, for the younger). We went to T-Street, County Line, Huntington Beach Pier. And, of course, mecca itself: Trestles. The day we went, the first person I saw pointed to a lady and said, ‘She just saw a shark in the lineup.’ I didn't think it would be right to take my kid out to meet the men in grey suits (read: great whites), so we just watched. But we’ll be back.”


Dadventures - Los Angeles Surf Adventure

Your Marching Orders ...

On this Californian take on the lodge-to-lodge trek, you’ll make your way north on Highway 1, stopping at not one, not two, but four contemporary surf lodges along the way. First stop: The Laguna Beach House, a recently renovated 36-room guesthouse within walking distance of some solid breaks. Next up: Santa Barbara’s The Goodland, where every room comes with a vinyl player and guests roast marshmallows over the fire by night. You’ll then head a few miles west to Bacara, a Gaviota Coast spa and resort with a quiet surf beach, tennis and two golf courses. Last stop: Cambria Beach Lodge, a sunny, stone-and-wood hotel on a quiet stretch of the Central Coast where you’ll find a sandy bottom break ideal for longboarding.

Your Timekeeper ...

Aquaracer By TAG Heuer

Part of heading underwater is leaving technology behind to face the elements. Fortunately, the Aquaracer is no mere ticker: the 300m dive rating guarantees it’ll withstand those tireless days on the waves.


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