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CHICAGO | 09 JULY 2014  
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Concrete Thinking
Masculine outdoor seating, via Zachary A. Design
30 Min

Man goes to his backyard to entertain and relax.

Yet he still sits on rickety furniture bought on sale at Menards.

Your kempt patch of green (or deck, or rooftop) deserves better than that.

It deserves this: the sculptural beauties by Chicago’s Zachary A. Design — faux-cement furniture that’s industrially handsome and surprisingly comfortable.

Faux-cement meaning these bad boys are actually hand-cast and assembled from fiberglass.

Result: all-weather furniture. Weathered concrete look. Incredibly lightweight.

A few standouts:

  • The Wavebreaker lounger, for those in search of an ultra-modern piece. Clean lines, sits low to the ground.
  • The Bilbouquet Stool, with its curved symmetrical design.
  • And the Cashi Table, a heavier piece, but more minimalistic. It wouldn’t look out of place on the terrace of the MCA.

The truth: you’re probably not going to outfit your whole outdoor living area with cement. Which is fine. One or two will make for solid conversation pieces.

And they’re built to last and look better with age.

All you’ve gotta do is sit back, relax and admire your domain.

Zachary A. Design
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