3 V-Day Plans That Don’t Suck
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3 V-Day Plans That Don’t Suck

We planned three dates so you don’t have to

  • 28 January 2015

Valentine’s Day, it’s awful.

Except for candy hearts. Those are ok.

The rest is a schmaltzy melange of lukewarm prix-fixe dinners and semi-stale chocolates.

So, this year, we return to our annual advice: on Valentine’s Day, just do her a kindness.

Forgo the Hallmark aisle.

Put the heart-shaped box down.

Just show her you care, in whichever way you’ve agreed, as a couple, to show your affection.

Should you need some thoughtstarters, we made you this: A Valentine’s Day of Days — three pre-planned date night itineraries for Chicago and beyond.

Inside: Where to take her.

What to buy her.

And how to do it, whether you’re hitched, common law, or just, y’know, involved.

Enjoy the guide.

Nota bene: Should you need gift ideas, we’ve collected a few wonderful and timely items right over here.

The Specifics

Valentine's Day of Days

A kindness from us to you.

Check it out

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