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To the Brave

We asked Todd Snyder

  • 03 November 2014

It’s a thin line between a brave man and a fool.

Take a risk, win big: brave man.

Take a risk, lose everything: foolish dude.

Our friends at The Dalmore agree and so, together, we created To the Brave, a video series in which a few stout-hearted and successful gents tell us about the key moment of bravery in their career.

A qualifier on that word: brave.

Like anything, it comes in degrees.

Every man who’s ever stepped foot on a battlefield or charged into a burning building is brave. Definitively. No arguments in it.

But that's not the only definition of bravery.

Take Todd Snyder.

A few years ago, he had it made as SVP of menswear at J.Crew.

But instead of relaxing in his success, he struck out to start his own business.

He’s not a war hero. They probably won’t put him on any stamps.

But he is an example to every man who wants to beat his own path.

And for us, that makes him a brave man.

Check out To the Brave to hear him tell his story.

Then go. Take risks.

The Specifics

To the Brave: Todd Snyder

Take risks. Go big. Be brave.

Check it out

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