In Need of a Spontaneous Hotel Room? Use This.

You may just end up in a penthouse suite

By Alex Lauer

In Need of a Spontaneous Hotel Room? Use This.
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21 June 2017

And now, a listing of gentlemanly power moves:

Pick up the check. Know a guy. And book a last-minute hotel room.

The latter is now easier than ever thanks to One Night, a night-of hotel-booking platform that just launched in Chicago.

One Night is in the business of “spontaneous stays,” and unlike your cattle-call bargain sites, they offer a curated selection of the most impressive guesthouses the Windy City has to offer.

Talking 12 Chicago hotels in all, from the ultra buzzy Robey to the never-not-impressive Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. Mind you, not all are available every night, but the beauty of this service is that when it rains, it pours. These hotels want people in their rooms, so even when you’re booking a room at a steep discount, you could get a standard room … or the top-floor loft.

Swipe to book, and you may just end up in a penthouse suite.

Open the app before 3 p.m. and you’ll notice a countdown clock. That’s because these rooms are only available to book from then until 5 a.m. But the gloriously discounted prices will leave you plenty of funds for entertaining.

In service of that, One Night offers a “culture-first experience.” Each hotel page on the app comes with hour-by-hour suggestions for what to do, from 5 p.m. happy hour to low-key 1 a.m. jazz shows to a 5 a.m reminder to book a massage for the morning. It’s like a pocket wingman, there for you no matter your sleep schedule — or lack thereof.

And since One Night was designed by Standard International, the hotel company behind The Standard and Bunkhouse hotels (a yurt in Marfa, Texas, anyone?), these discount rates get the good-faith stamp of approval.

Best part? You can take your spontaneous stay and make it a spontaneous trip. For your next surprise vacation, pull up One Night in New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami or San Francisco.

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