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Friday Night Sci-Fry

Oculus Nosh: A virtual feast for the senses

  • 01 April 2014

Fair warning: if you think texting at the table is bad manners, you’re not gonna like this one bit.

Introducing Oculus Nosh: the world’s first ever virtual reality supper club, taking members now.

Run by VC-connected foodies who’ve partnered with Oculus VR to develop immersive experiential demos, the Nosh is all about “telepresent fine dining experiences.”

Kicking off this fall, Oculus Nosh involves:

  • Simulated food and drink from Chicago-area restaurants like Alinea and, weirdly, Al's Beef. Think a mishmash of the city's most iconic eats. The mantra: “Come full, leave hungry.”
  • Communal seating, where guests interact through digital avatars.
  • Dishes that are all beautifully plated in super-high resolution.
  • Lifelike smells. Diners eat via a special motion controller outfitted with a dongle that releases an accurate aroma to pair each dish.

The club will meet in undisclosed “hot spots” across the city, and seating will be limited to a select eight. The experience lasts three hours.

Oculus Nosh hosts its first immersive dinner this fall. Stay updated and get on the list here.

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