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The Contemporary Circus Festival comes to town

  • 08 January 2014

Regarding this weather: you could act like you’ve never experienced Chicago winter before and stay home curled up in a fetal position.

Or you could watch topless women hang from ceilings.

Bundle up for the Contemporary Circus Festival, rolling into Chicago with shows across the city now through Sunday.

This ain't Barnum. No big-shoed clowns riding sequined elephants. No top-hatted jagbags. This is more like Cirque du Soleil meets Coney Island.


What to expect:

So yeah, definitely not big top.

Shows run at Athenaeum Theatre and Links Hall, with tickets starting at $20. Get ‘em now.

How’s that for a winter warmer?

Nota bene: Ever been to a circus party before? A VIP Pass will get you in to all the shows plus all events and after parties, including a closing night bash at Redmoon Theatre.

The Specifics

Contemporary Circus Festival

Shows run til Sunday, 1/12
Athenaeum Theatre
Links Hall
(312) 620 - 2223

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