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Best of November

Romantic getaways and tailgating steaks. Let's review.

  • 29 November 2013

Winter Getaway via Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright: often imitated, never duplicated. His homes? The perfect place for a romantic getaway. Thus, a round-up of four of them within a five-hour drive of the city. Check it out.

These Steaks Come To You
Meats, glorious meats. From the best farms in the Midwest straight to your doorstep, Red Meat Market delivers choice cuts with a click of a button. Plus: brats. Check it out.


 Your New Maid. She's Lovely.
Because every man needs a maid, there's HandyBook, an on-demand cleaning service that'll whip your place into shape in a jiff. You just sit back and relax.
Check it out.

Handsome Furniture
Speaking of whipping your place into shape, how about some Chicago-inspired digs that come factory direct? The name's Waveland & Clark, and they've got you covered. Check it out.

Train Like An Elite Athlete
David Reavy's clients: Joakim Noah. Matt Forte. Corey Wooten. And now you, because he's accepting clients for a new group fitness program in the West Loop. Check it out.

And from our Fisticuffs and Etiquette Department ...

Gentleman's Handbook
Introducing our quarterly guide on good manners for modern men. The inaugural issue covers business etiquette, answering questions like "What Should I Wear to Work?" and "Should I Date My Co-Worker?" Spoiler alert: No.
Read on.

Where to Take Her
Because every man needs a plan, and some need that plan with pretty pictures, we present Where to Take Her: a series that answers a gentleman's most pressing lifestyle questions and recurs whenever we get around to it. This month: indoor action. Get out there.

Man of the Month
Some guys raise money for cancer research by running marathons. This guy raises money by getting people to punch each other in the face. Meet Andrew Myerson, InsideHook’s Man of the Month for November.

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Best of November

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